A Koopa’s Revenge 2 Music Collection

AKR2 Dance Party
It’s long overdue, but here it is, a comprehensive list of all the music used in the game A Koopa’s Revenge 2. And if there are any errors, let me know. Without further adieu, bam!

If you’re looking to play the game, you can do that here.

If you just want to listen to all the music, I’ve created a playlist for that on Newgrounds.

Level Themes:

Standard Day: – Platform by Or4nges

Standard Night: Roaming through the Plains by KgZ

Athletic Day: -Race around the world- by Waterflame

Athletic Night: -Swing Bit Brawl- by Waterflame

Cave Day: Underground by Blamchowder

Cave Night: -Escape- by Evil-Gandalf

Desert Day: Desert Tune by CaptainSquareBox

Desert Night: GW OC – Desert Groove by GenoWhirled

Ghost House Day: Haunted Daze by Arnas

Ghost House Night: All Hallow’s Emnity by Seprix

Underwater Day: Through the Cavern! by roflsandwich

Underwater Night: Underwater Adventure by MikeS

Snow Day: Snowball Game Music by Zildy

Snow Night: Chill Chasm Zone by CaptainSquareBox

Boss and Boss Level Themes:

Mario’s Villa: Midnight Fortress by dlxrevolution

The Forsaken Pyramid: Desert Spirit by SoulburnLV

Inside the Whale: Diet by mikekay

Jolly Toy Factory: Fear Factory {Redone} by CrimzonWolf777

Mario’s Doomship: {ANT} – Apocalypse Storm by Anth0n

Castle Mario: Driving me Insane (MD 2011) by Indigorain

Standard Boss: Flying Through Pixel Land by mooseymaniac

Final Boss: The Finale… by Trell13

Finaler Boss: The End (form2) by Trell13

Finalest Boss: Escape the Castle by cazok

Other Music:

Map Day: Too Lazy To Kick Koopas by Kman465

Map Night: SMB3 – World 2 Rising by Nicksmall94

Menu and Crashed Airship: Techno SSBM Menu Remix by Yorou

Invincibility Theme: Hammer Remix by ChEsDeRmAn

Bonus Area: Rig – Game 3 loop thing by Rig

GAME OVER: The Worst Goodbye by MasterJace

Secret Spoiler Music:

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Air Man Stage Theme:

Super Metroid Item Room:

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold Dan Theme:

Hope this is useful. All A Koopa’s Revenge 2 music.