Wrath of the Riddler (featuring Batman)

Will Batman foil the Riddler’s fiendish plot to rob all of Gotham’s banks? Or will he feel the wrath of said Riddler? Find out next time, same bat time, same bat channel.

Commentary for Wrath of the Riddler

This sketch actually started with the Batman outfit. I received some Batman boxer briefs for Xmas, and along with my other Batman paraphernalia made up a silly outfit. The Riddler’s spandex suit was a off-brand morphsuit I purchased at a bargain thinking it might be useful for green screen stuff later. The hat was leftover from St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s hard to take Batman seriously in daylight. We took that idea and ran with it, giving Batman a breezy summer look. Combined with the Riddler’s silly outfit, the sketch came together. And we topped it off with Batman eating a freezie, because reasons.

The mayor walked by while we were shooting this one. I think it’s safe to assume it’s legal to film in public here.