Ultimate Youtube Cartoon Widescreen HD Remix

Everything the public wants in a youtube cartoon, all in one convenient ultimate package. Let the memes of yesteryear melt your brains out in a display of utterly mindless excess. Can you name them all?

Including appearances by Mario & Luigi/Vegeta & Nappa, Sonic the Hedgehog/Goku, Rick Astley, Chuck Norris, and a random topless anime woman. And some of the best music the internet has to offer.

Commentary for Ultimate Youtube Cartoon Widescreen HD Remix

Originally published in 2009. This was first used as a segment for our popular flash How to be a Newgrounds Animator God Part 2. Which was a satirical how to guide that blended terrible advice with advice that should be terrible but somehow works. Released as a stand alone due to popular request. Changed the name when we uploaded it to youtube because it seemed to make more sense out of context.

This was the example cartoon that came at the end for what you movie should look like if you followed our guide. The result is ofcourse a cartoon composed of video game and anime characters mashed up with nothing but memes. We tried to pack as many memes as possible into a short cartoon, at least the ones that worked well in video.

After blowing this up to 1080p the original art looked even worse than ever, so I decided to redo the whole thing (not from scratch though, it’s mostly just a cleaner trace) and add an intro bit about 2009 to give it some context. Sound quality has been upped too. I’m not too comfortable using so much copyrighted music, but I figure if it was okay originally it should be today as well.