Ultimate Youtube Cartoon (memes)

Dusty Shite Warning

This is the ultimate youtube (memes) cartoon. Showing of many, but of course not all, memes that were popular in 2009. Can you remember them all?

Commentary for Ultimate Youtube Cartoon:

Originally made for Newgrounds in How to Be a Newgrounds Animator God Part 2.¬†Which was a very popular flash we made as a satirical tutorial. It a mix of terrible advice, and advice that shouldn’t work but does.

This was the example cartoon for what flashes should look like if they follow our advice. On youtube we renamed it, because pandering. The memes are probably more applicable to youtube anyway.

We tried to pack as many memes and trends as possible into a short video. I think we did a pretty decent job, but we could have gotten some more in there. We at least got most of the ones that translate well to video, hence the lack of lolcats.