Time Machine Sketch

The time machine has been stolen. The implications are simply unfathomable. The consequences will be felt throughout the world.

Commentary for Time Machine Sketch

This had to be amended because the ending was too confusing. Confusing meaning awesome. We shot the whole thing and uploaded it without the intro (here in case you don’t believe me) but some people found the ending jarring and disjointed. I went and shot an intro with the janitor that shows him stealing the time machine, which also gave me a chance to showcase the odd stuff on Professor Scientist’s desk.

Sound editing was a bit crap too, but I blame that on my setup at the time. Windows Movie Maker is pretty awful. Especially the version that shipped with XP.

The original ending for this sketch as written had the janitor having sex with a dinosaur. Which could have been a much clearer and funny image, but we didn’t have the ability to pull it off at the time. Don’t be surprised if you see that come up sometime in the future. It’s jst to good to pass up, time machine or no time machine.