Fake Commercials Playlist

Happy Tuesday. No new content to release today, but I’ve made up a new playlist over on the youtubes. It’s a compilation of all our fake commercials, starting with the fairly new Buttocks & Thighs. I hope to get more of these sorts of themed playlists made up in the future, once we have enough related videos, probably three at minimum.

I’ve also been adding tags to posts, making for little collections of related material, or material involving a certain character. For example, there’s a tag for fake commercials.

Mutton Scraps: Light Saber Test

One of the first things I had to do when I got professional grade video software, was go out and do up some light saber action. Unfortunately, I had left the shutter speed on my camera much too low resulting in doubled frames. But the second time, I made sweet light sabery action.

Also changed the Mutton Scraps thumbnails. It looks weird embedded, but on youtube they’re oddly narrow and it makes them stand out.

250 Subs!

fireworks Games youtube channel has reached 250 subscribers! And it’s only going to get bigger. If anybody’s got any suggestions for the next video, let me know.

Also still open to input on AKR2. I’ll be doing one last round of updates when the game’s total views reach 500 000 (currently 457 490) so get your word in while there’s still time.

Promise this is the last subscriber celebrating post. At least until 1000 subs.

AKR2 Fan Art + Youtube Subs Update

Koopa 2 Characters by koopasrevenge
Last week a fan posted the first ever (to my knowledge) AKR fan art. As seen above. Known as koopasrevenge on Deviantart. Check the profile, if you’re so inclined.

I’d like to see more fan art. So if you’ve made some, or are going to, show it to me and I’ll post it if you’d like.

Click through to read about youtube, leave a comment, or post a link to your fan art.

100 Subs!


I’m proud to announce our new youtube channel just passed 100 subscribers. Due largely to the popularity of the AKR2 All Bosses video, Games has seen a surge in views and watch time come to the channel. And I plan to follow it with even more videos of a similar nature.

This sets it on a course to overtake out other channel, Comedy 174 subs, within the next month. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but video games on youtube just works.

:( DELAYS ):

Semi-bad news. There are going to be delays. Short version, I’ve spent most of my time in the past two weeks in bed with flu, and there have been other technical/financial issues. Which sucks because there’s a ton of stuff I wanted to have done or at least started by now. Enough with excuses, details to follow.

Click Through for Details on Youtubing and AKR2