SMW: Bowser Battle! (SNES remake)


Arrow Keys: Move
A Key: Run/Hold
S Key: Jump
D Key: Spinjump
Mouse: Navigate Menus

Take on Bowser and his crazy clown car in this Flash remake of the final battle from Super Mario World. Save Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil King of the Koopas and reclaim your birthright as the one true hero of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Commentary for SMW: Bowser Battle!:

This was originally part of a game collaboration on Newgrounds. Each participant was to recreate a boss battle from a classic video game. The collab was ultimately cancelled. But I decided my contribution was enough to be enjoyable on it’s own. Since it’s release, Bowser Battle has spread far across the internets, and can be found on thousands of websites, most of them in Spanish.