Share A Koopa’s Revenge 2 v1.04

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading the shared version of AKR2, not that people haven’t been spreading it around anyway. You can find the downloadable version on the Host Our Games Page.¬†Where you can also find sharable versions of our other games, like AKR1. So go ahead if run one of those websites that just hosts a ton o’ Flash games, add A Koopa’s Revenge 2 to your collection.


This is also version 1.04. I’ve been needing to fix little things about the game that have been pointed out since the Newgrounds release. (That’ll teach me to skip a public beta on a game of this scale.) Hopefully all the major bugs and mistakes are fixed, and this should be the last release until v1.1 sometime next month.


Updates expected for v1.1 include changes to the walljumping mechanics. They should operate more like New Super Mario Bros. in the future. I’ll also be changing the controls for picking up vegetable and enemies to work more like Super Mario Bros 2. I had initially decided on pressing the attack key while ducking, because I thought accidentally picking up objects would be annoying. But after changing the mechanics for just the boss fights to make it easier, and playing SMB2, I decided it’s just better to use that system all the time.
The reason it’s going to take so long is that when changing the controls and/or physics it can be very easy to break the game. So it will require some testing to make sure all objects are picked up and thrown properly, and extensive testing to be sure all the walljumping areas are still doable with the new mechanics.
There will likely be other changes, but these are the ones I think will be most noticeable and are most important.

Any questions or comments? And is there anyone out there who would be interested in helping me with testing the new mechanics?

UPDATE: v1.05

There were still more bugs, so I released v1.05. I also increased the quality of the music due to popular demand. It increased the filesize from 8Mb to 12Mb. But it’s 2014 now, so that’s not likely a huge issue.