Sdioretsa (Asteroids Clone)

Dusty Shite Warning


Up Arrow: Accelerate
Left & Right Arrows: Turn

Space Bar: Jump (on platformer stages)
Control Key: Emergency Overheat

Mouse: Navigate Menus

Blast your way through enemy ships to save the secret recipes for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Coca Cola, and Krispy Kreme Donuts from evil aliens! Or just blast asteroids until you’re overwhelmed by immense numbers of space rocks (or skulls, or pickles)  And don’t forget all the juicy powerups!

Commentary for Sdioretsa:

Long before I released this, I came across a tutorial for creating an asteroids style game in Flash. I played around with it for a while, and tried my hand a remake of Asteroids, creatively titles, of course. I didn’t end up finishing it, and gave up because it didn’t feel right.

Years later I went back and finished some of my incomplete games. Because a) they felt like wasted effort, and b) I needed more stuff to fill up my website so I could feel like there was some substance there. I’ve come to regret that decision, because a) I quit those projects for good reasons in the first place so finishing them is what was the waste of time; getting as far as I initially did was good practice and a lesson on what not to do. And b) quality is more important than quantity; nobody wants a to visit website full of crap.

I felt like the games section of the site is a little sparse, so I dug this one up to pad out the roster. To make it a bit less crappy I spent twenty minutes messing around with the mechanics to make it easier and actually fun. The original version had the ship carry too much momentum, turn too slowly, and overheat far too easily. And I added a snazzy space backdrop.

I also removed some things. There was some weird homophobic stuff in the intro that I don’t get why I put n there in the first place. Maybe it was supposed to be ironic, but it wasn’t working so out it goes. I also removed the boob asteroid skin, because I felt it was inappropriate. The flying butt stays, however.