Scoop the Blob of Icecream

Dusty Shite Warning


Arrow Keys: Movement (on adventure and platformer stages)
Space Bar: Jump (on platformer stages)
Mouse: Navigate Menus, Aim and Shoot (on shooter stage)

Guide Scoop, the little lost blob of icecream, through five levels in different genres to get back to the freezer where he belongs. Explore, platform, and shoot your way pastĀ evil enemy vegetables and make sweet friends along the way.

Commentary for Scoop the Blob of Icecream:

Scoop is the first full game I ever completed with Flash, though not the first game I’ve ever made. Patched together using old Flash based tutorials to make Flash games, I ended up blending a number of genres together to make one continuous game. Kind of a cool idea that I may revisit some day. Maybe even with the same character.
I used all stock sound effects that came with Flash for this one, so sorry about that. There’s also no music.