Let Bobby Bloke educate you on the wonderful world of Schitt! It’s the latest imported health beverage! Get ready for a mouthful of Schitt!

Commentary for Schitt

This all stems from the simple idea of having a beverage named shit. I’m aware Invader Zim had something with a beverage called poop. This was imagined completely independent of that.

We had a lot of fun coming up with ways to use Schitt as a beverage; mostly wordplay. We actually didn’t end up getting everything we came up into this. And I know that’s always the case, but we had to cut good material from this one.

I used a bunch of friends from work in the testimonials. A number of people wanted to be in a video, and putting them in causes them to share it. It worked out pretty well for us. I suggest other small time youtube sketch makers try it.