The Quest for the Golden Cheesecake

Dusty Shite Warning


Arrow Keys: Walk
Space Bar: Grab
Backspace: Close Window
Shift: Get On/Off Bicycle

Mouse: Navigate Menus

A Game about a guy who sees a hot chick and tries to score with her by using a magic cheesecake to make her fall in love with him. A small scale adventure game focused on collecting numerous items.

Commentary for The Quest for the Golden Cheesecake:

The second full game I ever made. The collecting stuff in a city genre of Flash games was at the time popularised by Frank’s Adventure (NSFW), which was largely popular because of it’s small amounts of nudity. Still, those games and their imitators were fun time wasters. I decided to try my hand at making my own and it turned out pretty well.
I’ve tried numerous (three) times to make a sequel for this game, but I always lose interest. Perhaps I’ll publish the most complete of the abandoned attempts one day.