Mutton Scraps: Chickenman

One from deep in the vault. I think it was 2005. Sort of a Batman parody. It remains majorly unfinished, so I slapped an end title on it. Also had to add some sfx and music.

Originally this was going to be a part of a collab about failed superheroes on Newgrounds. (Collabs were stupid big at the time) This particular collab was run by AlmightyHans, and I tried to emulate his style a bit, but failed mostly due to lack of easing.

Never finished because the .fla fucked up (seemed to happen often back in the day) For some reason I can open it with Flash CC, but couldn’t with Flash MX. I think this might actually be an earlier version than the one that fucked up because I seem to remember starting some animation of Chickenman flipping behind that blue thing behind him, with a pseudo 3D perspective thing going on, which isn’t in the file.