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Welcome to MCSM Studios
R for Awesome

This website is now defunct. But you can still browse around a bit and check out or older stuff.
If you somehow got here without passing through lambta.co, you can check out our main site here:

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Freshest Content

1 Second Abortion

1 Second Abortion 05.11.13
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This is about consumerism.


Hitmen 15.10.13
Watch Here
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One man hires two ace assassins to murder his wife... with sexy results.


"Sprite" 21.04.13
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One man's epic quest to the vending machine results in a life changing experience he will never forget.

Time Machine Sketch

Time Machine Sketch 25.03.13
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The time machine prototype has been stolen. The consequences could be dire indeed.

Riddler's Fury

Riddler's Fury 20.09.12
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Will Batman foil the Riddler's fiendish plot to rob all of Gotham's banks? That and more questions not answered in this sketch.

What We Worked On This Week

The WWWOTW is now defunct. For news and updates about what we're working on, you can visit our new website: lambta.co


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