Mature Content Warning and More Shite Pirate

To make the site more friendly to new users, I’ve added a couple of banners across the top of content posts detailing whether they’re old, and therefor not up to our current quality standards, or contain mature content, NSFW stuff, like the really bad stuff, not just a few swears or a little violence, it’s the internet, that stuff’s fine.

The mature content warning looks like this:

And the Dusty Shite Pirate has this little number:
Dusty Shite Warning

Might put a bit more work into it, design wise. Also there’s a typo I need to fix.

What do the visitors to think? Is this necessary, and will it be effective?

P.S. I also changed the link to Newgrounds on the side to a more stylish and colourful design. It’s the same design used in our new video credits screens. If anyone wants to weigh in on that too, it’s be much appreciated.