Mascot Endless Runner Demo

UPDATE: This version is outdated. Always up-to-date on Newgrounds preview permalink. Check the main page for the latest news on Lambtaco Run. Post that came after this one.

Here’s a little game I whipped up to help me learn AS3. It’s not done yet, but it’s far in enough to show it off. Like half done or so. Most of the coding is done but there’s still design work and assets to be created.

I don’t want to give anything away, so just play it if you’ve got the time. And let me know your thoughts. I want to know your blind first impressions.

That said, spoilers. I plan to add some more varied environments, and probably a highscore table. Maybe add in some extra death animations. And I’ll need to figure out some method to fit the 960px wide game on the site.

Tha’s all for nyow.

UPDATE: I uploaded a higher resolution version to Newgrounds:

I’m going to work on making’s layout wider to accommodate HD games.