Comedy Upload Schedule Restructuring

The title of this post is a euphemism for less frequent video uploads. Specifically for (new channel url, that’s pretty sweet)

Basically, the biweekly upload schedule hasn’t achieved the results we’d hoped for. It’s applied the wrong kind of pressure. The hope was it would pressure us to produce content more frequently, but it’s mostly just resulted in burning through all our filler and producing videos before they’ve be properly refined. Filler should be reserved for dry spells, not the majority of content.

I’m still going to try to upload as frequently as possible, at least once per month, and still on Tuesdays. Political Sodomy 3 should hopefully still be ready in two weeks, and Games’ schedule will be unaffected. We’ll probably upload almost as many videos, they’ll just come out on a more irregular schedule. When they’re ready, essentially.

Sorry if this sucks for you guys. It’s a quality over quantity thing, not a laziness thing, I swear.