A Koopa’s Revenge 3 FAQ (Future Game) AKR3

A Koopa’s Revenge 3 isn’t out yet. It’s still in preproduction.

With that out of the way, I’ve decided to start up a little FAQ section on the game’s aspects and contents to far. This ca be used to catch anyone up on what’s been revealed so they can join in on the discussion, and also for anyone who’s just curious. I will abbreviate the games title to AKR3 frequently to avoid repetition.

For the record last updated: March 5, 2018.

A Koopa’s Revenge 3 Official FAQ:

  1. When is A Koopa’s Revenge 3 coming out?
    Short answer: when it’s ready. Long answer: It’s too early to make any claims about a release date with any accuracy. The game is still in planning phases, so it’s years away at the absolute minimum.
  2. Why isn’t it done yet?
    Short answer: I’m taking my time. Long answer: I made a big mistake when I jumped into developing AKR2 without a plan. I ended up rewriting so much code, reanimating so much stuff, cutting so much content, and tweaking so much of the physics and level design. That’s why it took so long. A project of this scale requires a lot of planning to do efficiently. I’m going to plan carefully so that when I do start on AKR3 I can get it done in just a couple years, instead of getting myself into another never-ending quagmire of development hell.
  3. Which platforms will AKR3 be available on? AKA will it be for mobile?
    It should be available for PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices, and browsers if the Flash player is still around. It won’t be on any online stores like Steam because it’s a fan game and I don’t own the IP rights. It also might take a bit of work to get it running on mobile OSs because I can’t distribute through the regualr channels.
  4. Will it be free, or how much will it cost?
    It will be free. I will never charge any money for any games in the AKR series. I couldn’t charge for them even if I wanted to. Since I don’t own the IP rights, selling the games would get me into a lot of legal trouble. Fan games should always be free anyway.
  5. Which characters will be playable in AKR3?
    A Koopa obviously. Goomba and Shy Guy, who are upgraded from skins to full fledged characters. More on that here. A new Piranha Plant character will also be included. It’s possible I will include more characters either as normal players or gameplay altering special modes, but those four are guaranteed.
  6. How many powerups? Which powerups will be included?
    It’s too early to say anything concrete, but it should be about as many as AKR2. I’m trying to focus on quality over quantity. Consequently some old powerups will be merged with new ones. For instance, the basic Thunder Flower will be merged with a new Lakitu Cloud based power to create a powerup that improves movement and has offensive capabilities. Spike power should return and be more versatile.
  7. What’s the game’s story?
    Short answer: It doesn’t have one yet. Long answer: A story is something that comes fairly late in development. Given that the game is in preproduction I’m not giving it too much consideration. What I can say is I’ve changed the project’s name to AKR3: Mutiny.

That’s it for now. I will add to this as it’s needed. I’m sure it will get a lot longer. Feel free to ask me questions about AKR3. But bear in mind I’m keeping some things a secret for the time being.