Johnny Four Stars – Channel Trailer

Welcome to Johnny Four Stars’ youtube review channel. This trailer highlights the many features that made JFS the youtube star you know and love. I’d tell you t subscribe, but something tells me you already did.

Fast food, movies, junk food, toys, games, food, and food. He reviews it all. And he gives ’em all four stars, but there’s a twist. A twist that makes this channel truly unique and one of a kind. He also does unboxing videos and paint-drying videos. Did I mention food reviews?

Commentary for Johnny Four Stars – Channel Trailer

This is just a little something to get me back into making comedy stuff. Bigger projects are coming, but I needed something little to break the metaphorical ice that had gathered on my youtube channel.

Johnny Four Stars is a really dumb character I had a few months ago. I decided to grow a mustache for the part, which didn’t really work as planned. I’m just not meant to have facial hair. I’m also taking advantage of how fat I’ve gotten. For this and a few other rolls. Pun intended. So expect to see a couple more fat me videos in the near future.

A lot of this comes from my befuddlement upon discovering the popularity of unboxing and toy review channels. I think a lot of the bizarre things that are popular on the site can be attributed to very young children. Too-young-to-read children who just click whatever and/or actually use youtube’s unwarranted autoplay feature. I’m still baffled that someone would ever want to autoplay nothing in particular. It always seems to drift to something entirely different or at least unpleasant within three or four videos.

I might do some more fake channel trailers in the future. There’s plenty of comedy gold to be mind in them hills. I tried to keep the shilling angle out of this one since it’s been done to death. But rest assured, there are many other stupid things in channel trailers.