Hazardous Hurler


Arrow Keys:
Aim Slingshot
Spacebar: Pull on Band (release to fire)
Mouse: Navigate Menus

Toss your favourite Lambta.co characters into a field of dangerous and deadly obstacles using our patented super hurler. How far can you hurl ’em? Go for the high score!

Who the hell are these characters?

  • Bourney Toad – A prehistoric frog from an old series called Unknown Dinosaurs. It was an esoteric allegory where I turned my friends into dinosaurs to mock them.
  • Stephen Harper – Conservative Party Leader and Canadian Prime Minister. He’s here because we mock him in our series, Political Sodomy.
  • Hotdog Mike – In high school I made a terrible cartoon about Mike in a hotdog costume getting run down by a wienermobile. It kind of escalated from there.
  • Frenchman – Titular character in The Dirty Frenchman series, and mascot for our old site mcsmstudios.com, A bit of a frisky one.
  • Steve – Former member of our crew and first victim of the Dirty Frenchman’s horrendous series of violent sexual assaults.
  • Jesus – Jesus Christ. I bet you’ve heard of him.
  • Sodoman – Masked “vigilante” and alter-ego of Stephen Harper.
  • Cattachris – Cat version of Chris from a series of cartoons we used to make late at night. We called them Retardeds, and they were very improv/do-whatever heavy.

Commentary for Hazardous Hurler:

Throwing/launching games were huge back when I made this. It was never supposed to be a big spread around hit, I just wanted one that worked the way I liked. And I like alliteration so I settled on the name Hazardous Hurler.