Fuck Puppies

Dusty Shite Warning

Some guy is reading a book. Will he get to finish uninterrupted? No, no he will not.

Commentary for Fuck Puppies

The first in short series of experimental shorts. I sort of dreamed this one and then filmed it as well as I could remember. Mike wanted to play one of the parts, but I decided against it, because I think the bit works better with just one actor.

Ironically, one of the reasons I made this was because it was to hard to get everyone together to film a more complicated video. Which remains a problem to the time f this writing. Being an adult can suck sometimes.

Don’t ask me where the phrase “Fuck puppies!” came from. I really can’t remember. It may have been n the dream I had, or maybe I made it up later. The dream has left my memory completely.

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