Lambtaco Elsewhere

Youtube (Lambtaco Comedy)
 | Where we post most of our comedy content: sketches, cartoons, audio.
Why visit? Playlists of our content are readily available.

Youtube (Lambtaco Games) | Where we upload gameplay videos, trailers, and teasers for our games.
Why Visit? Playlists of gameplay videos for our games, like A Koopa’s Revenge 2.

Discord – Lambtaco#8724 | Where we host discussions of our games.
Why Visit? To get a hold of me directly.

Twitter – @Lambtacotweets | Listen to me complain about Youtube and video games.
Why Visit? Immediate updates when we release content.

Facebook – Lambtaco | Like Twitter only shittier.
Why Visit? Show your love for Lambtaco publicly.

Newgrounds – Lambtaco | Where we started, the granddaddy of internet entertainment.
Why Visit? Our very old games and cartoons, and content not suitable for youtube (bewbs)

Dusty Shite Pirate

We weren’t always Lambtaco. Once, we were different.
Anyway, here’s some of the crap we made:

MCSM Studios – This was our old site. It had a horribly unmarketable name. Some of our really old games and cartoons are there. Including a series of cartoons aptly named, “Retarded”

We Are Not Role Models – For 4 months in 2010 we published a frice weekly webcomic. General two roommates Odd Couple type thing. Like half of them are good. And there was a period in there when I hurt my back and couldn’t bother to draw any new ones, so I released a series of Garfield Minus Garfield inspired laziness.