Dick Sombrero & Balls Maloney: Private Investigators #2 [NSFW]


Dick and Balls stumble into trouble in their second adventure. Balls’ keen instincts get him into more trouble than he bargained for, while Dick┬áhas his hands full in a damp place.

Commentary for Dick Sombrero & Balls Maloney: Private Investigators #2

We tried to go for more of a radio show angle this time around. With a bit of music and abundant sound effects. The result is more polished, but sacrifices some of the rambling qualities the first episode had.

Wrote this one with Chris summer before last, then had Mike give his input about a year later. Finally got around to recording it in January. It was supposed to follow up Procrasturbation a few week later in our planned uploads. Unfortunately I just couldn’t shake a cold an kept postponing recording. Eventually I just said fuck it and recorded with a cold. That’s why Balls sound a bit different. I may keep that sound as his new voice, who knows?

If I don’t have another one of these out in six months, somebody kick me in the balls.

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