Diamond Heist

There’s been a diamond heist. And now, one super badass rent-a-cop will stop at nothing to catch the man who stole a that valuable diamond.

Commentary for Diamond Heist

There were a lo of delays getting this one out. First, we couldn’t work the premise into a script. Then we had casting problems. And after it was shot we misplaced one of the cameras we used to shoot, so it didn’t come out until many months after later.

We originally had the idea for the chase to be very wacky, with them running up a playground’s slide and other such things, but it felt too goofy and hacky. So we went with a more serious diamond heist, with a few comedic overreactions. Then the joke became the length of the chase, rather than the chase itself. With a few continuity errors to keep it interesting. Plus two punchlines for good measure.