Decade Old Games Released and the Dusty Shite Pirate

I got a comment about some of my older games not being on the site. So I decided to upload them. If you’re looking for greatness, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking to peer into the internet of 2004, or are interested in my earlier efforts in gamecrafting, have a look.

Scoop the Blob of IcecreamThis is the first full game I ever made. A mishmash of different genres gleaned from tutorials.

The Golden CheesecakeThis one’s a small scale adventure about collecting ingredients for a magical cheesecake.

I’m also reintroducing the Dust Shite Pirate. A little skeleton pirate we used on out old site to warn visitors about some of our more “dusty” content. Stuff that’s not really something to brag about, if you catch my meaning.

I’ll be adding him to existing content as well. So if you’re a true fan, click through when you see the pirate. If you’re just passing through, stick to our non-shite offerings.

EDIT: Also added a NSFW warning to the images for some content, as it’s not clear from the sidebar preview alone.