Contract Killers

One terribly desperate man hires two ace contract killers to murder his wife. But do they have what it takes? Does this man have what it takes to nut up and ask?

Commentary for Contract Killers

The working title for this one was Shitty Eastern European Hitmen. Which is kinda funny, but tells only half the story and somehow manages to give it away at the same time. Then we changed it to simply Hitmen. And then I changed it again after it was released to Contract Killers, which I feel is a more badass name. Still, it seems a bit misleading. But as anyone who watches my stuff can tell you, I’m a big fan of anticlimax.

This took so long to shoot, and I ended up cutting much of it. Remember to cut as much as possible while it’s still on the page. Even when a bit doesn’t turn out as well as you hoped, you can always look at it as a learning experience.