Lambtaco Comedy

You know, for shits and giggles.

Dick & Balls Next Week

Next week, we shall finally be releasing a new comedy video. The one I teased on the end card of Procrasturbation months ago. Dick Sombrero & Balls Maloney: Private Investigators part 2 will soon be upon us.

Listen to Part one here:
Dick & Balls: PIs

Apologies for not getting it out for this week. It was supposed to come out on time for Tuesday, but we had to do a couple of days of filming. The good news is we’ve got three videos banked up now, including D&B:PI2. And we’re half done filming a another new sketch. We’re finally getting into gear.

There will also be some new gaming videos.


If you liked (or have heard of) our music video for the old The Lonely Island song ARDY PARTY, you may be mildly interested to know we’ve uploaded an HD version with better syncing. We’ll be periodically uploading HD versions of some of our old cartoons to youtube. And if you’re an impatient bastard, you can view them on Newgrounds, where the HD versions have been up for a while.

Click through for boring technical explanation.

I’m Alive

My illness got pretty bad, so I’ve been taking some time off to recover. Sorry for the delays. Not sure when we’re going to be back on track. First off I’ll need to respond to all the emails and comments and whatnot.

So, sorry for disappearing for almost a month. I know it’s not a great start, so I’ll try to get some minor stuff uploaded.

:( DELAYS ):

Semi-bad news. There are going to be delays. Short version, I’ve spent most of my time in the past two weeks in bed with flu, and there have been other technical/financial issues. Which sucks because there’s a ton of stuff I wanted to have done or at least started by now. Enough with excuses, details to follow.

Click Through for Details on Youtubing and AKR2

Comedy Sketches Playlist Start/End Times Trimmed

Just a bit of what I call housework, tidying up the youtube channels. I edited the start and end times of our comedy sketches playlist to cut out the endcards, because hey, if you’re already watching ┬áplaylist, yo don’t need to be directed to other videos. I’m amazed at how many people don’t do this, even big time youtube channels with 30 second endcards. Also rearranged the to put the “better” ones earlier as youtube suggests.

Anyhoo, here she is. Give her a watch if you’ve got the time.