Buttocks & Thighs

Buttocks & Thighs is the only shampoo proven to clinically exfoliate through homeopathic miracles to treat posterior dermal flaking (also known as ass dandruff). Worry no more about painful and costly remedies that cause embarrassing stains!

From Johnstone and Cucci, the makers of many wonderful pharmaceutical products. Available where ever embarrassing medical products are sold.

Commentary for Buttocks & Thighs

We’ve been sitting on this script for ages, but until recently we didn’t have the software or green screen to make the animated portions work. I’m glad we waited, as there’s no way we could have pulled this off as well as we did with the tech we had back then.

This took three days of shooting, which is a lot considering how little live action footage is actually in the final product. There were a bunch of locations, and we had to do a few reshoots. Some due to a mixture of natural and artificial light that just looked wrong.

And in case it wasn’t painfully obvious, this is a takeoff on Head & Shoulders, the dandruff shampoo. We were thinking of doing a more shampoo commercial styled bit, but the cheap as-seen-on-TV style gave us a lot more to work with, and more room play with the formula.