Ben Eats a Poop

Watch Ben eat a poop under mysterious circumstances. Alternate title: 6-Foot Man Eating Turd.

And happy Saint Patrick’s Day! If I had thought ahead I would have scheduled something appropriate, but alas, I did not, so here’s something irrelevant.

Commentary for Ben Eats a Poop

Based on an old bit we used to cap off a video we never released. I was messing around with the original footage and I added some epic music. I found it so enjoyable I decided to reshoot it all fancy like in HD with better lighting.

This one probably isn’t for everyone, as it’s pretty different. It’s certainly not the standard sketch format. But I think there’s an audience out there for it.

I’m a little disappointed in the quality of the poop. But I just have to take it as a lesson to do more prep, no matter how simple the video.