Ardy Party – The Lonely Island (Music Video)

Ardy Party vs. Kid Icarus mix by the Lonely Island, in animated music video form. I knew this cat named Ardy, he wore sandals and socks, etc.

Commentary for Ardy Party:

A music video we made way back in the far off year of 2009. For The Lonely Island song Ardy Party. Specifically the Ardy Party vs. Kid Icarus mix. We liked the song, and it was available for download for free on their website, so we figured it’d be okay for us to publish a music video based on it. And because it was an older song, there was no risk of them putting out an official video before we could get ours done, rendering it redundant.

Mike started animating a segment for this based on lyrics he misheard. He was pretty upset when he found out. But in hos defense, it totally sounds like they’re saying New Zealand.

We have no affiliation with the Lonely Island, this was a fan effort.