AKR2 v1.1 Ready for Testing

The much awaited update to AKR2 is done. But due to some changes to the mechanics it’s going to need some comprehensive testing before I can give it a wide release. I can’t do it alone (at least not very quickly) so I’ll need help testing. The preview is here.

Here are some of the changes made:

  • WALLJUMPING: Due to numerous requests and complaints, I’ve reworked the walljump mechanics to closely resemble those found in the New Super Mario Bros. games. This is one of the major reasons I have to do the big testing period again. I have to be sure the game is still beatable and not broken by the changes.
  • EASY SILVER COIN COLLECTION: The other big one. When you’ve already beaten a level, you don’t have to beat it again to get it’s silver coins. Just collect the coin and wait ten seconds for it to verify. I think this is working perfectly, but I need testing.
  • KICKING BABIES: As funny as getting killed by a baby is, it can interfere with the fun. Now when the player contacts a baby, instead of the player taking damage, he kicks the baby. I will likely improve the animation for this.
  • BLACK PITS: There are now dark black wavy thingies over death pits. I added this after watching a player kill himself looking for secrets. If it’s got black stuff on it, it’ll kill you. Let me know if I missed a spot.
  • EASY PICKUPS: You no longer have to duck to pick up enemies and pluck vegetables. Simply stand still over top of them and press the ATTACK key. Hopefully this is working right; needs testing.
  • ICE TRACTION: With the swimming powerup, you won’t slip around on ice. It’s a little something I felt the game needed.
  • LAVA SWIMMING: With the white powerup during the day (drybones) you could always survive in lava. But now you can swim in it like water, rather than dropping like a stone to the bottom. Needs testing to be sure it works properly.
  • QUICKSAND ADJUSTMENTS: Quicksand works a bit differently. Trying to jump out of it looks a bit more natural, and you can’t perform a spindash when you’re in it.
  • SPECIAL EFFECTS: Walljumping and getting in and out of water now produce little visual effects. It’s just polish, but I figure while I’m improving the other stuff I may as well pretty it up a bit.
  • BUG FIXES AND TWEAKS: Fixed some small bugs (including the invisible ghosts spawning in 4-2) and changed a few areas around just a bit. I also added a few secrets (nothing major, just coins)

I’d appreciate any input on the new version. And I’m sorry it took so long. I wanted to have this out a month ago, but I got sick. Anyway, enjoy the changes. And if you have feedback you can comment here, or on NG, send an email, or what have you.