AKR2 Alpha Gameplay Video

Thought I’d do something a little different for a change. Just to be clear this is NOT AKR3, it is an early alpha build of AKR2. The build is over 5 years old at this point. And what you see here is pretty much all there is to it.

I scrapped this one because of numerous issues.

  • I wasn’t satisfied with the overall look. It was very derivative, what with copied backgrounds and all.
  • It was too “zoomed in.” Meaning you couldn’t really see enough of the level around you.
  • The camera movement was too simple resulting in dizzying effects. This also played into the last point.
  • It was hard to control. Some people said AKR2 was slippery; they should be glad they didn’t play this one, it’s like worse than Sonic for that.
  • Most of the powerups were pretty lame. Mostly unsuited for a game where getting hit relieves you of your power. They were pretty hard to use effectively.
  • The counters for lives and coins were broken.
  • The collisions/overall physics just felt wonky.

I really gave up on it because it wasn’t as good as I wanted AKR2 to be. There were certain things I wanted to do with the game, that I was incapable of at the time. This version being started right after AKR1 made it big.

EDIT: I originally used SMW music for this, but there were copyright issues, so it’s reuploading with music from the finished AKR2.