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Lambtaco is a group that produces comedy sketches and cartoons.
Lambtaco is also one of those guys who produces the games.
As a comedy troupe, we strive to create original content. Which on the internet is a ticket to obscurity. We’ve been producing cartoons since 2005, and comedy sketches since about 2011 depending on what you consider the start.
As a game developer, I recreate what I love. Which is a lot of Mario Bros. related content. And that on the internet is a ticket to notability. I’ve been making Flash games since 2004, and hope to branch out into HTML5 games mobile games I just want to make games people will play.


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  1. When is A Koopa’s Revenge 2 coming out?
    It’s out now. And to answer your next question, it’s here.
  2. When is A Koopa’s Revenge 3 coming out?
    Not for at least a couple of years. I’m currently in the brainstorm phase of development, when I decide what the game will be. There are also smaller games I’ll be making between now and then.
  3. Can I download your games?
    Yes, they can be found on the Host Our Games Page. But some functionality won’t be as good as on this site.
  4. Can I post your game to my site?
    Yes. The free to distribute versions are on our Host Our Games Page. Just remember to give me credit, as Lambta.co Games.
  5. Can I do a Let’s Play of your game(s)?
    Yes, I encourage it. But I have to request that you credit the musicians in each video. I know it’s a bit of a pain, but they work hard and the game wouldn’t be the same without them. You can only credit the songs used in the particular video, the whole soundtrack, or even just the Newgrounds Audio Portal if you can’t be bothered to look up the specifics. The best way to figure out which songs are which is to view the Newgrounds page for the game, where there are links to each song on the side of the page. For AKR2’s soundtrack see this post.
  6. What happened to MCSM Studios?
    We abandoned that name because it was really hard to remember. We’ went with Lambta.co because it’s more memorable and marketable with synergy between the name and logo. The old MCSM Studios site can still be browsed here.
  7. Which program do you use to make your games?
    Primarily Flash. Macromedia Flash 8 for the older games that run on ActionScript2. Adobe Flash CC for future games running ActionScript3. I also use Adobe Audition and Photoshop. Sometimes MS Paint if I need to edit or create sprites.
  8. Which program do you use to edit your videos?
    Adobe Premiere CC. Also After Effects, Flash and Audition, with a little Photoshop mixed in.
  9. What’s up with that skeleton pirate on some of the thumbnails?
    We call him the Dusty Shite Pirate. He denotes content that is very old and of questionable quality. Basically he’s on content that’s really only for superfans or anyone else interested in our history for whatever reason.

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