A Koopa’s Revenge (Official Version)


Arrow Keys: Movement
Spacebar: Jump
Ctrl: Run/Attack
Mouse: Navigate Menus

Koopa was enjoying a birthday party when suddenly Mario and his gang of thugs burst in and ruined everything. Guide Koopa through five fantastic worlds to rescue his captured goomba friends. This is the most up-to-date version of A Koopa’s Revenge on the web. Featuring an option to mute the music and the coveted Super Secret Level.

Commentary for A Koopa’s Revenge:

I stared making this game because I saw a game with a similar concept somewhere, but it was pretty crap, and decided I could do better (a lot of my older games came about something like this) And judging by the response it got, I succeeded in making a better game. Which I attribute to more focus on level design, and a strong element of parody. You can’t make a game like this and take it too seriously.
I released it to Newgrounds in January of 2006, just a few months shy of getting my own website. Which sucks, because most copies of the game floating around don’t have any links to my site. That combined with my choice to abandon the username I had when I released it, resulted in a lot of work to get credit for the game. Shout outs to Steve for bitching at people to credit me. Definitely learned from my mistakes.
It took a long time to make because of it’s length. For a long time it was the biggest game I’d made, only recently being surpassed by it’s sequel. I think it’s size was part of what made it so successful. Many browser games a the time, and even today, were very short and only worth a few minutes of your time.
The success of this game changed my life. It proves that anyone can make a game that becomes reasonably well known on the ‘net with enough dedication, no matter their skill level.

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