A Koopa’s Revenge 2 reaches One Million Plays!

akr2onemillionA Koopa’s Revenge 2 has reached one million plays across the web. We shall all celebrate with cake and icecream. Delicious imaginary cake and icecream.

Of course, this is how many times the game has been loaded, not how many times it’s been played to the full extent, or the number of people who’ve played it. Still it’s a useful metric and I’m glad to have it.

Thanks to Newgrounds for providing the tools to let me know that this happened. I have no idea how many times any of my other game have been played. And thanks to everyone who shared the game online or with their friends and family.

In more AKR2 news, v1.2 is moving forward, but I keep adding new features, pushing back the open beta release. But since the game is already out, I figure feature creep isn’t a big deal. I’m mostly adding features and fixes that I haven’t added in previous releases due to time constraints.

In AVGN:TitNES news, I haven’t been working on it because I’ve been spending all my game time on ¬†AKR2. I’ve been watching some old episodes, but so far haven’t been inspired the way I hoped.

And, yes, I will be answering comments, emails, etc. soon. I just needed a few days off from social media