AKR2 All Bosses Video [SPOILERS]

Here’s the latest upload for Lambta.co Tuesday. It’s a video of all the Bosses in A Koopa’s Revenge 2. So, spoiler warning. Don’t watch if you don’t want the bosses spoiled. And try not to look at the thumb nail either.

I made this because whenever I type “A Koopa’s Revenge 2″ into youtube’s searchbar, “A Koopa’s Revenge 2 All Bosses” comes up as the second autocomplete. I figure there’s an audience for this. I’m also considering doing some more videos for it. Possibly all exits, all stage warps, or all 3up moons. If you’d like to see any of those, let me know.

MCSM Studios is No More!

MCSM Studios is no more!

As of today, MCSM Studios, our old name, is no more. I’ve finally redirected the domain, and updated all necessary accounts. If you want to see our old site, once mcsmstudios.com, it’s archived here. It feels good to have this transition over with. Look forward to more from Lambta.co in the future.

As for why we made the change, that’s fairly simple. I was in the process of designing a new more square shaped logo for MCSM Studios, and while showing it to a friend, I realised that our name and logo are not memorable or marketable. We’ve always had trouble with people remembering out name, and light bulb logos are somewhat common, so we had to come up with a punchier, more memorable, name and logo. Thus Lambta.co was born.

I’ve also moved the old webcomic to a new location, lambta.co/wanrm. Give it a look if you’re so inclined.

My apologies to those who lost their AKR1 save files in the process. You can always cheat to get your progress back.

SWF Embed Failures

I’m not sure what caused it, but the plugin I use to show Flash content stopped working properly. I’m not even sure how long it was broken. Hopefully I broke it today while I was migrating some things, or maybe an update caused a conflict somewhere. Whatever the cause, I’m fixing it by abandoning the plugin. It’s just too unreliable to depend on a plugin, which can break or stop being updated, for a major part of the site.

I’ve fixed A Koopa’s Revenge 2 and will be fixing the other games shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.


If you liked (or have heard of) our music video for the old The Lonely Island song ARDY PARTY, you may be mildly interested to know we’ve uploaded an HD version with better syncing. We’ll be periodically uploading HD versions of some of our old cartoons to youtube. And if you’re an impatient bastard, you can view them on Newgrounds, where the HD versions have been up for a while.

Click through for boring technical explanation.

AKR2 v1.1 Ready for Testing

The much awaited update to AKR2 is done. But due to some changes to the mechanics it’s going to need some comprehensive testing before I can give it a wide release. I can’t do it alone (at least not very quickly) so I’ll need help testing. The preview is here.

CLick through for details on the changes made.

I’m Alive

My illness got pretty bad, so I’ve been taking some time off to recover. Sorry for the delays. Not sure when we’re going to be back on track. First off I’ll need to respond to all the emails and comments and whatnot.

So, sorry for disappearing for almost a month. I know it’s not a great start, so I’ll try to get some minor stuff uploaded.

:( DELAYS ):

Semi-bad news. There are going to be delays. Short version, I’ve spent most of my time in the past two weeks in bed with flu, and there have been other technical/financial issues. Which sucks because there’s a ton of stuff I wanted to have done or at least started by now. Enough with excuses, details to follow.

Click Through for Details on Youtubing and AKR2