Mutton Scraps: Light Saber Test

One of the first things I had to do when I got professional grade video software, was go out and do up some light saber action. Unfortunately, I had left the shutter speed on my camera much too low resulting in doubled frames. But the second time, I made sweet light sabery action.

Also changed the Mutton Scraps thumbnails. It looks weird embedded, but on youtube they’re oddly narrow and it makes them stand out.

AKR2 Gameplay Reuploads

Five of our old youtube videos for A Koopa’s Revenge 2 have been reuploaded. Reason being they were originally uploaded to our sole youtube channel, but the channel has since become our comedy channel, with a new one started for games related content. The old videos have been unlisted.

Click through for details.

A Koopa’s Revenge v1.11 & Next Game

AKR2 V1.11

Click here to play the latest version of A Koopa’s Revenge 2!

It’s actually not that exciting because it’s entirely a bug fix release. But I’m fairly certain I’ve fixed the two remaining large glitches. Though no one was able to come up with a reliable way to trigger them.

Click through for details on AKR2 v1.11 and info on the next game.

Copyright Date

Totally spaced on updating the copyright date on the site. Even though I had it fixed for all the videos. Got me thinking I should really have a date range from when we started, rather than than current year. So it’s changed now, not that anyone would notice.

Pinning Down the NaN Lives Glitch in AKR2

I’ve finally started working on version 1.11 of A Koopa’s Revenge 2. It’s mostly a glitch fix run. In fact, the update will be entirely unnoticeable to most players.

That said, I need help tracking down this one glitch. I think I’ve got it fixed, but with no reliable way to cause it, I can’t be sure. So I’m asking for any information that could help me trigger the glitch. If someone knows how to do it, that would be great.

NaN Lives
(above picture fabricated) Click through for details

A Koopa’s Revenge 2 All Secret Exits Video

Another helpful video for those having trouble 100%ing (or 107%ing, or 105%ing (which is odd, not sure how that became a thing, maybe it’s a misconception)) Hope everyone can appreciate it. There’s more too come, but I haven’t decided what, so give me a suggestion.

And thanks for all the views I’m getting on the All Bosses vid. The response has been insane! Over an eighth of a million views and climbing.

This has been a Tuesday double dip. Two videos on the same day. This one, and Dick Sombrero & Balls Maloney: Private Investigators #2.

Dick & Balls Next Week

Next week, we shall finally be releasing a new comedy video. The one I teased on the end card of Procrasturbation months ago. Dick Sombrero & Balls Maloney: Private Investigators part 2 will soon be upon us.

Listen to Part one here:
Dick & Balls: PIs

Apologies for not getting it out for this week. It was supposed to come out on time for Tuesday, but we had to do a couple of days of filming. The good news is we’ve got three videos banked up now, including D&B:PI2. And we’re half done filming a another new sketch. We’re finally getting into gear.

There will also be some new gaming videos.